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Safety Accessories


We take a look at horse trailer accessories designed to make your journeys safer and ensure your precious cargo arrives at its destination on top form...



T-sign your towing vehicle for a safer journey

tow your horse trailer safely with t-signDriving whilst towing any trailer carries an added element of risk, with some 43 fatalities and 1400 injuries every year related to towing accidents*. But when towing horse trailers there’s the added element of the live – and precious – cargo to consider.

Even the most skilful drivers can be caught out while towing due to other road users’ impatience or driving errors, which is where an ingenuously simple idea from T-sign comes into play.

safe towing with the t signThese removable magnetic signs can be fixed to the front doors on either side of your towing vehicle before starting a journey, giving other road users advance warning that your vehicle will be followed by a trailer.

These extra seconds’ warning can be invaluable at the times when you’re most vulnerable such as pulling out of concealed driveways, blind junctions and at roundabouts. The highly visible, reflective signs carry a simple yet effective message: TOWING.

Easy to fit and remove courtesy of their magnetism, they won’t damage your paintwork and can be used on almost any vehicle. A set of two signs costs from as little as £19.95 inc. P&P – great value for extra peace of mind.
For further details and to order online, visit or call 01543 308650.

(*According to the Highways Agency’s latest annual statistics, 2006).


quick release teather breakerEquitie

For safety reasons, it is advisable to always tether horses with a deliberate breaking point between the horse and its securing ring. Equitie is a breakpoint tether strong enough to secure your horse yet safe enough to become an instant breakpoint should your horse panic.

Equitie is a simple to use safety horse tether which, under approx. 30kg of pressure, snaps along its rubber cord, becoming an instant breakpoint and releasing your horse without injury. Equitie also features a plastic quick-release clip which makes it easily adjustable and movable.


Designed to provide extra stability to the towing mechanism, stabilisers can make the journey more comfortable for both the horses in the trailer and the humans in the towing vehicle. However, it is important to note that they are no substitute for a well-matched trailer and towing vehicle and, while they reduce the risk of snaking, careful driving is still essential. Various makes and styles are available – expect to pay around £100.
For more informaiton on horse trailer stabilisers go to

Head bite partitions

Designed to prevent horses from interfering with one another during transit, these come as standard with some horse trailer models whilst in others they are available as an added extra. In order to guarantee a safe and secure fit, it’s recommended to purchase head bite guards manufactured by the same brand as your trailer.

TUI Safety Bar TUI Safety Bar

The horse trailer safety bar that allows you to load your horse single-handedly. A unique safety-release system also enables lowering of the breast bar from outside the horse trailer in the event of an emergency.


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