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Horse trailer theft is big business – here’s our round-up of the products available on the market to help combat the thieves...


horse trailer wheel clamp - image from bulldogsecure.comWheel locks

Horse trailer wheel locks come in all shapes and sizes, and at prices to fit all budgets! By locking around the wheel of the horse trailer, they provide an additional, highly visible barrier to potential thieves; expect to pay anywhere between £30 - £150. Watch this space for horse trailer wheel lock product news and reviews.


horse trailer hitch lock - image from bulldogsecure.comHitch locks

While a number of horse trailer makes and models presently on the market come with lockable hitches as standard, an additional level of security can be achieved by fitting a hitch lock. Prices range from around £10 - £25; horse trailer hitch lock product reviews and news coming soon.


AL-KO hitch ball

Hitch ball lock in use, image from the AL-KO hitch ball by simply unlocking your horse trailer’s hitch mechanism, slotting the security ball into the socket and re-locking the hitch, preventing the horse trailer from being coupled to any tow bar while the device is in place. Suitable for use with Ifor Williams, Wessex, Rice, Richardson, Bateson, Fautras and Equi-Trek horse trailers, or any horse trailer with a 50mm Hitch Ball Coupling.

Expect to pay around the £6 mark for this economical yet effective device.


Horse trailer alarmsHorse trailer alarms

The DA5 Horse Trailer Alarm is designed to fit around the tow hitch and ‘A’ frame area of your horse trailer - any interference while the device is activated will be deteced and the alarm sounded. Price around £100.


Data tag

datatag horse trailer securityData Tag is now a standard feature on many horse trailer brands, including Ifor Williams, Fautras, Rice, Wessex and Pegasus. Data Tag uses state-of-the-art identification technology to mark horse trailers in a way that’s virtually impossible for a thief to detect, but will allow police to trace it back to the registered owner.


Roof Top Postcodes on Horse Trailers - image Trailermark

Trailermark allows you to put your own mark on your horse trailer – literally! Large, self-adhesive numbers enable you to put your own unique reference on your horse trailer roof, making it highly conspicuous – but only from above. Supplier Farmkey controls the database of numbers for tracing in the event of a theft. Expect to pay about £50 for a pack.

Further information on Horse Trailer Security is available here

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Last updated: 22/06/2009
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