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Ifor Williams

Britain’s leading manufacturer, renowned for its substantial quality of build, has recently launched a new range of horse trailers to add to its classic range. From single horse through to six pony horse trailers, the range offers aluminium floors with removable rubber matting as standard and is available in a selection of colours. A host of extras and accessories is also available, from alloy wheels through to wheeled ‘Tack Packs’, providing scope for purchaser customisation.

Prices:  Standard prices for brand new Ifor Williams horse trailers start at £2,800 for a single horse trailer, while double horse trailers start at £3,200. There is little depreciation, with second hand horse trailers holding their value well. For up-to date prices and options, contact your local Ifor Williams dealer.


Ifor Williams : HB403

A single horse trailer that offers more stall width than the range’s HB506 double horse trailer and sufficient headroom to travel a 16.2hh horse in comfort. Depending on your vehicle’s towing capacity , you may not require a 4x4 to tow this horse trailer and its low weight also provides options for drivers without the B+E category on their driving licence. Front unloading ramp.   more information


Ifor Williams : HB506

The HB506 model is suitable for two horses up to 16.2hh. HB506 models feature a pair of side windows and a larger front inspection window, allowing more daylight into the trailer. Centre partitions and breast & breeching bars are fitted as standard.   more information

HB 511

Ifor Williams : HB 511

For owners with larger horses, the HB511 is likely to be the natural choice. Being longer and wider than the HB506, the HB511 is suitable for carrying two horses up to 17.2hh. The HB511 is fitted with a pair of side windows and a larger front inspection window, allowing more light into the trailer.   more information


Ifor Williams : HB510XL

The HB510XL offers the flexibility of carrying two horses up to 17.2 hands or up to four ponies. The HB510XL now comes with a higher headroom of 2.3m and a locking groom’s door as standard. The HB510XL is also available as a shorter 10’ model, which can also accomodate two horses. This model has the option of either a single centre partition, allowing two horses to face forward, or a range of telescopic partitions where up to four ponies can be carried diagonally. The telescopic partitions can be configured to accommodate the widths of the ponies. A comfortable and safe environment for the horse is created through ample sliding windows and optional roof vents, ensuring plenty of light and fresh air. The thick rubber matting on the floor helps to minimise travel fatigue on long journeys. Whether you are a livery yard, trekking centre, riding school or private individual with a string of ponies, this trailer, with a maximum gross weight of 3500kg, makes an ideal workhorse.   more information


Ifor Williams : HB610

The HB610 represents our largest trailer and can carry two large horses up to 17.2 hands with room to spare or up to five ponies. Recently updated on this model is a locking groom’s door fitted as standard and an increased headroom of 2.3m. As with the HB510XL, the HB610 has a maximum gross weight of 3500kg. However, by offering additional trailer width, the telescopic partition system allows up to five pony stalls. The wide front unload ramp, which comes as standard, makes this model unique and very useful for both horse and owner. An additional benefit is the extra storage space available in the wind deflector, accessible from inside the trailer. The sliding windows and optional roof vents provide a comfortable and safe environment for your horse, ensuring plenty of light and fresh air. Additional comfort is provided through thick rubber floor matting   more information


Ifor Williams : HB401

The single horse model,The HB401, is wider than most available, allowing plenty of room for a 16.2hh horse. Identical in every aspect of comfort and build to its larger stable mates, the 401 is designed to carry a single horse in comfort and safety. Suitable for towing behind many larger family cars, it boasts a tapered, aerodynamic front section to offer less drag and better fuel economy for the towing vehicle. A big advantage when travelling long distances.   more information


Ifor Williams : HB505

Ifor Williams most popular model, the HB505 will carry two horses of up to 16.2hh. It is no coincidence that this model is seen at countless horse shows throughout the country. Fifty thousand trailers have been produced since the original model was launched, and it is the most popular horse trailer in the UK and much of Europe. Designed with horse safety and comfort in mind, the side-by-side stalls are ideal for transporting two medium sized horses.   more information


Ifor Williams : HB510

For owners of larger horses up to 17.2hh, the HB510 is the ideal choice. Similar in style to the HB505, the HB510 offers a more spacious alternative and is great for big horses or those simply wanting extra room. Longer, wider and taller stalls are generous and inviting to your horse - add the benefit of a wider front ramp and the total extra space makes loading and unloading easier and safer for both horse and owner.   more information

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