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Rice has been building horse trailers since 1932 and, while the classic look of their horse trailers has changed little over time, the latest range offers a host of thoroughly modern features. Hand-built on a fully welded, hot dipped galvanized chassis, Rice’s trademark aluminum roof and body panels are instantly recognizable and come in a choice of seven colours, while one piece plastic floors are guaranteed against rot and corrosion for the life of the horse trailer.

Prices for the Europa start at around £5200 – for full details and price list, contact your local Rice dealer.

The Europa

Rice : The Europa

The Europa is our famously elegant horsebox trailer, designed for two lightweight horses. Its practical design means that you can load your horses and tow with ease and safety. Careful planning ensures that all space on the Europa is maximised, making this a popular trailer. It is highly regarded across the world as a leading horsebox in its category. If you are looking for a trailer that can easily accommodate two horses of around 16hh with a maximum combined weight of 1320kg, then the Europa is an excellent choice.   more information

Beaufort Double

Rice : Beaufort Double

The Beaufort Double is an excellent combination of enviable design and high quality engineering, and reflects the internationally famous reputation of Rice Trailers. The very high specification has been developed to guarantee the comfort and safety of your horses during each journey, long or short.   more information

Beaufort Sixty

Rice : Beaufort Sixty

If you own a larger horse, such as the Hanoverian, Trakehner or large Dutch breeds, you will recognise the difficulty of finding a suitably sized trailer. The Beaufort 60 is an extra large trailer, specially designed to transport two horses each weighing in excess of 700 kg, and standing 16.3hh and higher. Larger horses are often uncomfortable in a standard trailer. The Beaufort 60 has been specially designed to allow each horse to stand with its rear legs as far apart as possible, increasing your horses' comfort and safety. Gross capacity can be increased to 3200kg if required.   more information

Beaufort Treble

Rice : Beaufort Treble

The Beaufort Treble remains a design classic - a stylish, versatile three horse trailer. (Two large horses and one pony). Its two and one loading arrangement maximises comfort and safety for you and your horses. The innovative three horse partition allows you to close the front partition and move the split breast bars apart, giving better weight transfer over the axles, and ensuring the correct nose weight for safe towing. With two horses on board, you can use the room in front of the breast bar for transporting tack, a trap or feed. The gross capacity of The Beaufort Treble is 2700 kg and can be increased to 3200 kg if required.   more information

The Equipoise

Rice : The Equipoise

Over twenty years ago, Rice Trailers worked together with David Holmes, a horse trainer and engineer from New Zealand, to develop the first rear facing horse trailer. The Rice Equipoise takes the original design ideas and harnesses the latest research, technology and engineering components, creating a trailer that is innovative in its design and capabilities. The Equipoise has been developed to be particularly easy to load - even for horses and owners who struggle with loading. It can be loaded with the rear ramp down, the top doors open and the rear breast bars in place. To improve comfort and reduce anxiety, there are large windows in the rear top doors and the rear third of the roof, maximising available daylight. Gross weight can be increased to 3200kg if required.   more information

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