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Building on over 50 years of manufacturing horse trailers, Richardson horse trailers feature a fully galvanised chassis and frame and strong, pre-coloured resin coated side panels to provide lightweight, low-maintenance horse trailers.

Prices from around £3000 - for full details and price list, contact your local Richardson dealer.

Supreme Rosette

Richardson : Supreme Rosette

The Rosette is a very attractive, lightweight trailer that uses modern materials to combine a stylish design with a durable finish. The Rosette is designed to appeal to owners who want to tow a lightweight trailer with the family car. It boasts a fully galvanised chassis and frame, a GRP nose cone, plastisol roof sheet and strong, pre-coloured resin coated side panels. The floor and ramps are overlaid with rubber to maximise safety and durability, making the Rosette an appealing, low maintenance trailer.   more information

Supreme Advance

Richardson : Supreme Advance

The Advance is a popular, modern front and rear unload horse trailer. Its spacious interior means it can carry two horses in the 16hh category, with a combined maximum weight of 1360 kg. Thoughtful design provides comfort and style, and loading is easy with top doors offering full height access. The rear top doors coordinate with the roof panels, adding style to this contemporary trailer.   more information

Supreme Grande

Richardson : Supreme Grande

The Grande is specially designed to carry two heavier horses with a combined weight of up to 1600 kg. With generous internal dimensions, the Grande is sturdy and durable. Its safety features are also impressive, with stylised rubber facings on its rear ramp to ensure safe loading and unloading for you and your horses.   more information

Supreme Ultra

Richardson : Supreme Ultra

The generous proportions of the Ultra make the transport of two large horses easy and enjoyable for you and your horses. Its spacious interior makes loading and unloading easy, and its internal dimensions provide comfort for your horses on journeys of all lengths. They will arrive at their destination looking and feeling their best. Rear ramp lifters are fitted as standard, and the external and internal lighting maximises visibility and safety inside and out. Gross weight can be increased to 3200kg if required.   more information

Supreme Treble

Richardson : Supreme Treble

The Treble is ideal for two horses and a pony. The horses travel forwards and the pony travels backwards. The front partition wings can easily be closed, and with two horses the front breast bar is moved forwards. The bar can be split, to release one horse at a time, making unloading simpler and safer. If you have just two horses, the extra space can be used for storage, a trap, or tack. Gross weight can be increased to 3200kg if required.   more information

Supreme Excel

Richardson : Supreme Excel

The Supreme Excel is a rear facing trailer with a combination of modern engineering and traditional horse care. Rear facing travel has many safety benefits. The most vulnerable area of a horse is its head, throat, neck and chest. If the vehicle towing the trailer is forced to brake suddenly, momentum can force a horse travelling forwards against its breast bar. If the horse is travelling backwards, its fleshy rump provides better protection and the head, throat, neck and chest are safeguarded. Gross weight can be increased to 3200kg if required.   more information

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