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Hiring Horse Trailers

Whether you’re looking to take your horse on a one-off journey, would like to ‘try before you buy’ or simply don’t want to commit to buying a horse trailer, hiring may be a good option. Here you’ll find advice on how the hiring process works – afterwards, why not use our directory to find out where to hire a horse trailer in your area?

Things to consider before hiring a horse trailer

  • You need to ensure your towing vehicle is suitable to tow the trailer you’re hiring and its full load.
  • Most hire companies dictate that drivers must be at least 21 years old.
  • Drivers must have a clean driving licence with the relevant category to allow them to tow the horse trailer.
  • A deposit will most likely be required before you’re allowed to drive the trailer away – expect to pay anything between £25 to £100 depending on the supplier and the length of time you’re hiring for.
  • In most cases, hire costs don’t include insurance – while your towing vehicle insurance will cover Third Party insurance, it will be your responsibility to extend your vehicle insurance to fully cover the trailer for the period of hire, or to arrange a separate trailer policy. For details of horse trailer insurance, click here.

Advantages of hiring v. buying a horse trailer

  • No up-front purchase cost
  • Hire the horse trailer as and when you need to use it
  • No worries over long-term horse trailer storage and security
  • Always have a well maintained horse trailer to use
  • No horse trailer maintenance costs or repair work
  • You won’t lose money on depreciation

Horse trailer hire by the day

Literally gives you the freedom of using a horse trailer for a day, whether your own horse trailer is out of action, you have an emergency (i.e. need to get a sick horse to a veterinary hospital) or have a one-off occasion such as picking up a new horse. Hire period may be from 12 hours up to 24 hours depending on the hire company, and is often not available over weekends. Expect to pay around £50.00* (ex. insurance & deposit).

Horse trailer hire by the weekend

If you’ve got a particularly exciting weekend of competition or want to make the most of hiring a horse trailer, weekend hire is available. Generally from Friday morning to Monday morning – expect to pay around £75.00* (ex. insurance & deposit).

Horse trailer hire by the week

A more economical solution in that you get far more potential use for your money’s worth – expect to pay around £100* for seven days’ trailer use (ex. insurance & deposit).

Seasonal horse trailer hire

This option enables you to hire a horse trailer for a complete season – be it summer or winter – for you to use as your own. Generally for a fixed period of 90 days, this is a viable alternative to purchasing a horse trailer and means you don’t have the worry of annual maintenance bills or depreciation in the horse trailer’s value. Expect to pay in the region of £800.00* for the busy summer season and £500* for a winter season.

*Prices quoted are for guidance only – may vary with locality, the type and make of horse trailer being hired and time of year. recommends you contact several horse trailer hire companies in your area to get competitive quotes for your requirements.

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Last updated: 11/09/2009
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