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Why insure your horse trailer?

While it’s not a legal requirement to insure your horse trailer, it’s very much recommended  - not only a horse trailer is a big investment and can a tempting target for thieves, given the fact you’re travelling large, unpredictable animals it’s a good idea to have extra piece of mind that you’ll be covered if the worst happens.

What cover will I need?

Your towing vehicle insurance will most likely include the minimum legal third party cover (but check your policy) although it won’t cover the theft of or any damage to your horse trailer. You can make sure your horse trailer is fully covered either by extending the insurance cover on your towing vehicle or by taking out a separate horse trailer insurance policy.

Competitive Insurance Quote

If you decide to take out separate insurance for your trailer, it’s well worth shopping around to see what individual insurance broker’s policies include and to ensure you get a competitive quote - some insurers provide specialist breakdown services alongside their horse trailer insurance policies, and there are always offers around (e.g. discounts off B+E Driver training with approved instructors etc…).

To ensure you’re ready to approach the insurance companies, arm yourself with the following information:

•    Horse trailer details - make, model, year and serial or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
•    Know the number of horses the trailer is designed to carry, its length and purchase price.
•    Be prepared to state whether you are using the trailer for business or personal use.

Horse Trailer Insurance documents

Once you’ve found a policy that suits your needs and taken out your horse trailer insurance, make sure you carry your insurance documents with you each time you tow your horse trailer, in case of an accident. It may be worth making a photocopy of your insurance documents and keeping them in your horse trailer at all times, to avoid getting caught out.

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