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Horse Trailer Security

Unfortunately, horse trailers are a common target for thieves. To help make sure your horse trailer doesn’t become another police statistic there are a number of measures you can take – our review is designed help you decide which options will work best for you…

Register your horse trailer with a database

All Ifor Williams horse trailers are automatically registered both on the company’s own database and TER (The National Plant & Equipment Register); you can register with this nationwide database yourself, ensuring your horse trailer’s serial number can be traced back to you in the event of a theft.

Mark your trailer

Horse Trailer Protected By DatatagTrailermark allows you to put your own mark on your horse trailer – literally! Large, self-adhesive lettering enables you to put your own very own code on your horse trailer roof, making it highly conspicuous. Trailermark keeps a database of all numbers alongside owners' details to help with tracking.

Data Tag, meanwhile, uses state-of-the-art identification technology to mark your horse trailer in a way that’s virtually impossible for a thief to detect, but that police will be able to identify and trace back to the registered owner. Manufacturers offering in-built Data Tag technology as standard for new hores trailers include Ifor Williams, Fautras, Rice,  Wessex and Pegasus.

Secure your horse trailer

In addition to these services, there are a host of security accessories on the market, from wheel and hitch locks to alarms, all aimed at making your horse trailer more secure – details on many of these can be found in our accessories section horse trailer security accessories.

Stolen horse trailer?

If you’re unfortunate enough to have had a horse trailer stolen, make sure you report it to the authorities. On the other hand, if you've recently viewed a horse trailer and have suspicions it may be stolen, call the National Plant and Equipment Register with the trailer's serial number to ensure it’s not registered with them as being stolen before making your purchase.

secure your horse trailer with a wheel clampIfor Williams database

If you’re looking at an Ifor Williams  horse trailer, the company runs its own database which logs to whom a horse trailer has been sold – call the Customer Care Department on 01490 412626, quote the horse trailer’s serial number and seller details.

A free-of charge check will be made to see whether the horse trailer is registered as stolen on the database, that the serial number matches the horse trailer type and that the seller matches the registered owner. If you’re the owner of an Ifor Williams horse trailer owner that’s been stolen, ensure you call 01490 412626 to register the theft so that the above checks can be carried out.

The National Plant & Equipment Register

For other horse trailer makes, it’s well worth contacting the TER (The National Plant & Equipment Register) with which all Ifor Williams horse trailers are also registered. Of 9,900 horse trailers currently on TER's stolen equipment database, 2,725 are stock and horse trailers - for a fee of £25 potential purchases can be checked against these records – call 01225 464599. Once again, if you’re the victim of a theft, register your horse trailer’s details with TER at 

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Last updated: 29/05/2009
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