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Problems loading horses are common – asking an animal to walk up a ramp into a confined space goes against all its natural instincts. While there is no substitute for training a horse to load in a calm manner by building its trust, there are situations where this is not possible; for tips and advice check the 'loading horses' section. Here’s a look at the latest innovations on the market aimed at helping make loading easier and safer.


EquinevolutionUK Easy Loader

Founded on the joint principles of safety and training, this soft, padded harness fits around the horse’s body, while two lines are connected to the trailer itself. The handler can then enforce gentle pressure that encourages forward movement, while making backward movement uncomfortable. Built-in safety release mechanisms ensure that should horses panic or a handler misjudge the situation, the horse can be released to avoid further stress.

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Last updated: 18/06/2010
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