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Towing Horse Trailers

There’s a lot of regulation out there to do with towing horse trailers - here you’ll find information to help you negotiate the legal minefield it creates. We’ve tried to bring the basic information you need to a central point with useful links to official sites where you can find out more...

Towing Vehicles – Use our towing weight calculator to find out which vehicles can safely tow your horse trailer fully loaded with your horses – or find out how much weight your car can safely tow.

Licensing Laws – Discover whether you’ll need to take an additional driving test before you can legally tow a horse trailer, or whether it’s covered by your existing driving license.

The B+E driving test – An introduction to who needs to take this test, how to apply to take it, how to practice and what you’ll need to take along on test day.

Training for the test – Advice on the laws involved in practicing for your B+E driving test and tips on how to perfect the various manoeuvres that will be asked of you.

Towing horse trailers & the law – Information, advice and formulas on everything from towing weights to number plates to help you ensure you’re towing your horse trailer legally.

Tow Bar Heights & noseweight – Definitions of these terms and explanations as to the effect towbar height can have on your crucial noseweight calculation.

Derating horse trailers – What downrating your horse trailer means, how to go about it and what you’ll need to consider.

Number Plates  - You may find your tow your horse trailer with different vehicles from time to time – here’s the legal line on temporary number plates.
While it’s important that your horse trailer and towing vehicle combination is legal, it’s just as important to ensure that it’s safe and well maintained. For information on the day-to-day running of your horse trailer you may like to read:

  Fit to tow? Highways agency video


Last updated: 18/06/2010
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