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Reversing with a horse trailer

Many people find reversing a trailer difficult, but it needn’t be with a little practice. Here we look at ‘best practice’ reversing techniques, exercises to help your reversing skills and tips from qualified B+E category driving instructors...

During the towing test

The below diagram illustrate the kind of reversing exercise you’ll be asked to perform during your B+E test – remember that practice makes perfect, so why not set up a similar ‘obstacle course’ in your field – you can use cones, wings and poles – in fact, whatever you’ve got to hand!

reversing with a horse trailer

Expert reversing tips 

Larry Girling formerly of Green Light Driving Tuition offers his two ‘top reversing tricks’ to help you perfect the art: 
1)    If you want to go backwards in a straight line, use your door mirrors. (Resist the temptation to look over your shoulder). When you begin to see more of your trailer in one door mirror than the other, turn the steering wheel (gently) towards that mirror. Repeat, as necessary, until the trailer is where you want it to be. Remember, the trailer doesn't have a mind of its own!
2)    If you want to reverse your trailer round a corner, when the rear of the trailer reaches the point of turn steer the wrong way. So if you are reversing to the left, you initially turn the wheel to the right. How much will depend on your vehicle but it will usually be about half a turn. Then continue steering as normal and use trick one when you want to straighten up.

HINT: Don't get stressed if you go wrong - simply stop, drive forward until you're straightened out - and start again.


How to reverse a horse trailer

Last updated: 30/07/2015

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